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Leo Garcia


Android Studio

Proficient in Android Studio, utilizing it as the primary platform for software development.

Communication Tools

Adept in utilizing communication tools such as Slack, Teams, Skype, Gmail, and Hangouts for seamless collaboration and project coordination.


Well-versed in GitFlow as the primary branching model, with a history of implementing and adapting custom branching strategies for project needs.

Programming Languages

Mastery in a diverse set of programming languages including Kotlin, Java, vb.NET, C#, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.


Expertise in using Jira for bug tracking and agile project management, ensuring efficient workflow and delivery.


Proficiency in various Atlassian products including Jira, Sourcetree, Confluence, and Trello, harnessing the full potential of these tools for streamlined project development.

Best Practices

Adherence to industry best practices such as SOLID principles, design patterns, refactoring, pair programming, version control, comprehensive testing, and meticulous code review. Additionally, skilled in project estimation for effective planning.


Experience in working across diverse operating systems including macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and Android.


English, Spanish, facilitating clear and effective communication in multicultural environments.

About Me

I've been an Android developer for over 8 years, focusing on creating user-friendly apps. I'm skilled in Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, using them to keep my personal projects up-to-date and visually appealing.

Outside of work, I have diverse interests. I enjoy flying drones and taking cool pictures. I also like playing with artificial intelligence to create interesting images for my projects.

In my free time, I love gardening to create a peaceful space. I'm into gaming, exploring virtual worlds for fun. When not coding or gaming, I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.

Discovering new restaurants is a big interest of mine. I like exploring different cuisines and trying unique flavors.

Family and friends are important, and I make sure to spend quality time with them. I also love traveling to experience different cultures and broaden my horizons.

In essence, I bring both technical skills and a mix of interests to the table, making me well-rounded in both professional and personal aspects.

Name: Leopoldo de la Torre Garcia
DOB: November 3rd
Nationality: Mexican
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Tecnologico de Ciudad Guzman
Bachelor’s degree


2020 - Today
Android developer
2018 - 2020
Tiempo Development
Android developer
2016 - 2018
Software Engineer
2015 - 2016
Android developer
2014 - 2015
Android developer
2013 - 2014
Software Engineer


  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • SQL & mySQL
  • .NET
- The bars above don't really represent my knowledge, I'm just adding them because they look cool ;-)